Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Although I missed the open house, I had a chance to drive up to the new high school one day last week and get some photos. The road leading to the school building is curvy and tree-lined with new guard rails.

There is still construction going on, even with less than a week until the opening bell.
  The school is on the left and the side of the school is the first part of it that comes into view.
 The front of the school faces the east toward a small ridge which appears to hide the ball fields from view.

Turning around to face the way I had driven in, I could see the front of the new North Pocono High School.
The front doors are directly down this one-way road. A flag sits to the left and a sign stating "North Pocono High School" to the right.
My guess is that the kids who used to walk a few feet off school property on Church St. to in order to smoke a cigarette are going to be out of luck here.
Looking toward the side door from the lower parking lot, you can see the flag that is just visible on the left in the above photo. Between the flag and the doors are stairs connecting the upper and lower lots.
The end.

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